Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Anatomy 101: Dissection of the Dr. Oz Show - Tuesday February 14

On my first day of medical school, the first lecturer's first comments was that "there are no atheists among doctors because every doctor think he or she is G-d." That memory often comes to mind when I hear Dr. Oz spew out the word "miracle," which he does often. In fact, narely a show goes by in which he doesn't have a new miracle for the audience. On today's show, it was substituting certain unhealthy foods for healthier foods. That's a miracle???

I genuinely wish I could stop writing this daily review of the Dr. Oz show. I don't like to be negative and by constantly pointing out his inaccurate statements, that what I am being. But as long as people keep heeding his potentially dangerous advice, I have no choice but to continue trying to correct the record.

On today's show he recommended:
Holy Basil for anxiety. lowering blood sugar, and anti-inflammation (which he called Nature's Best Secret)
Lemon Balm for crankiness
L-Theanine for stress

As usual, there is no reliable and valid scientific data available to support the use of these products for these indications. So maybe Nature's Best Secret is a secret for a reason?

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  1. What we need is a doctor like you on TV to examine the validity of all the claims being made daily on TV and in magazine by celebrity physicians and lifestyle "experts!"